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Princeton, NJ

CB PT Philosophy:

CB Personal Training incorporates three missions in their philosophy on training:

1) Establish workouts that are safe, engaging, and efficient.
      All of CB PT's trainers have experienced many obstacles on their journey to become fit and   
      healthy.  They have experienced injuries, setbacks, success, and the need to push further.  Due
      to their successes and failures they are able to expertly guide you through the minefield of miss
      information which lies ahead of you.  They have trained in bio mechanics, helping them to be
      instinctively in tune with a client's particular body, and are highly energetic; which allows for a
      more energetic time.

2) Empower clients to develop the skills necessary to reach their goals.
      CB Personal Training prides itself on the ability to take the knowledge which they have gained
      through years of experience and pass that on to you.  Being shown an exercise is momentary,
      while learning the reason behind each valuable inch, is not.  It is CB PT's earnest hope that they
      can prepare every client to be able to achieve their wellness goals on their own.  With this ability it
      is CB PT's hope that all clients will end with a feeling of empowerment and time well spent.

3) Create a holistic and comprehensive approach to your wellness by:

      A. Creating clear goals.

            For your goals to succeed you need to plan.  CB PT focuses on developing a plan of action in
            order to reach your goals.  CB PT has developed a goal setting approach that starts with
            your end goal, 20-30 years from now, and structures a way for you to achieve that goal,
            starting today.

      B. Providing the spark needed for change.

            In order to accomplish any wellness goal a person must be able to recognized the need to
            change.  This spark is sometimes born in us, it drives us to reach our goals.  However,
            sometimes we lose this motivational spark along the way.  CB PT is dedicated to providing
            clients with the motivation necessary to accomplish their goals.  For some this may include
            the inspiring life tips provided in each session, and for others it is a meeting with a CB PT
            Professional Health Coach.

      C. Facilitating greater communication between all of your Health Care Professionals.

            Throughout any journey a person may rely on multiple people in order to reach their
            destination, the journey of obtaining overall wellness is no different. A person may have
            many health care professionals ranging from: Yoga, Pilates, Massage Therapist,
            Chiropractors, or Energy Health Specialists.  CB Personal Training sees the need for greater
            communication and works to bridge the gap between all the professionals that work to help