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May 2013

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May Newsletter

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Sprint Towards Summer!


It's time to turn it up for the summer! What better then a high intensity workout that gets you sweating and burning extra while enjoying the outside.  The following workout is an example of what is done at the C3 (Cardio. Conditioning. Core.) outside workout. The workout slowly eases you in, first with a warm up jog then with movement based drills.  The workout then ramps you up to where your heart rate comes near its top followed by a well needed Active Recovery stage full of core work.  The last high intensity phase is varying length sprints.  Sprint down then walk back, catching your breath.  This workout is intense and ends with core work and stretching.  The workout is challenging, fun, and doable.  However, if you are new to exercise or unsure as to whether this is right for you please email Charles at Charles@CB-PT.com  

Easy Warm Up: 5 Minute Jog

Dynamic Warmup: Agility Drills (Do 1-6)
           (Pick a length- anywhere from 20+ feet. "Down and Back"= 1 time. 

           1.  Walking leg lifts X 1 time: Walk down lifting each leg up straight.
                 Stretch is in the

           2. Walking Knee tucks X 1 time: Walk down lifting each knee towards 
                 your chest.
Stretch is in the glutes.

           3.  Walking Kick the Butt X 1 time: Walk down kicking your heels
                 towards your butt.
Stretch is in the front of legs.

           4. Lateral Shuffles X 1 time: Move to the side all the way down.  Like
                 what they do in

           5. Pilates Knee Tuck X 10 on each side: Lay on back. Bring one knee to
                  chest, other
leg out straight (6 inch above ground). Hold the stretch for
                  2 seconds then switch.

           6. Single Straight Leg Stretch X 10 on each side: Lay on back.  Bring
                  one  straight
leg towards your body, pull in at the calf, other leg out
                  straight (6 inch above
ground).  Hold the stretch for 2 seconds then

Increasing Heart Rate: Circuit #1 (To Be Done 3 Times)

           1. Squat to Jump X 15- Squat down then jump up. Make sure to bend your
                    knees when you land and put your weight in your heels.

           2. Bench/Ledge Pushups X 15: Pick an appropriate bench or ledge. You
                   should be able to complete the first 5 comfortably.  See previous
                   Newsletters for Pushup demonstrations.

           3.  20 second Break: Enjoy a break and sip of water! Then repeat.

Increasing Heart Rate: Circuit #2 (To Be Done 3 Times)

           1. 1 legged Squats X 15 each side: Make sure the knee
                    does not go forward.  Use a bench or chair.

           2.  Skipping- (Same length as Dynamic Warmup): We all remember how to
                    skip. Pretend you're 5 again and are at the park.  Make sure to land

           3.  Plank X 30 Seconds or your max:

Steady State HR: HR gradually decreases then Gradually increases- (Do this twice. 1-4 then repeat)
            1.  Walking leg lifts- Same as above, Catch your Breath.

            2. Walking Knee tucks- Same as above but go a little faster.

            3.  Walking Kick the Butt- Same as above but instead of walking do as a

            4. Lateral Shuffles- Same as above but go fast Heart Rate should be

Active Recovery: Ab/Core

            1. 1 leg V-up X 10 each side- Lay flat on back. Sit up half way and lift
                    one leg. Alternate sides.

            2. Full V-up X 10 each side or Max: Lay flat on back.  Sit up and lift

            3. Roll up X 10.  Lay flat, like in above picture.  Sit up and reach for toes,
                  hold stretch then relax slowly.

 Varying Increasing Heart Rate: Circuit #3 (To Be Done once)
             1. Sprint - Use the width of a soccer field, by the goal.

                   a. long- Full width.

                   b. medium- 1/2 the width.

                   c. short- 1/4 width

                   d. medium- 1/2 the width.

                   e. long- Full width.

Cool Down: Ab/Core: Same as previous Active Recovery Section.

               1. 1 leg V-up X 10 each side.

             2. Full V-up X 10 each side.

             3. Roll up X 10.

Stretch: Don't skimp on this! Make sure to stretch for 5-10 minutes! It helps your heart rate come down, your body relax, and aides in recovery.  DO IT!!!

Remember to train to your abilities. If you don't participate in regular exercise, or would like a more in depth description about the above workout please consider contacting CB PT for an introductory consultation.

June 26th Event


Feel as though you're a world away while enjoying Nurture's elegantly restored Victorian home. This is the only place to be on Wednesday, June 26th! Reserve one of only six spots available for this unique collaborative event from 10:00am-1:00pm which includes:


  • Invigorating Workout in the Garden, barefoot, with Personal Trainer Charles Bruno of www.cb-pt.com

  • Culinary Class- Cooking with Herbs and feasting on them as they are incorporated into a healthy lunch with cooking instructor Gail of www.nurturemassagestudio.com

  • Inspiring Lifestyle Discussion with Health Coach Tammy Lyons of www.TammyLyonsHealthCoach.com

  • Gift bags with home workout brochure, booklet of menus and herb facts, healthy lifestyle tips

For more details and to reserve your place all for only $180.00 contact:



This is the first in a continuing series of events that are geared to educate your mind, move your body, expand your spirit!




12 Steps to Better Health



No need to follow these steps in any order, remember, you are unique and no one plan works for everyone. Pick one and then go to another when you’re ready. If you need added help staying motivated and on track reach out to your Trainer or Health Coach, never be afraid to ask for guidance and support, you deserve to live the fit and healthy life you imagine for yourself. Consider working on one step a day, a week or a month, whatever feels comfortable for you. You will only sustain a healthy lifestyle if it feels good to you. This is a lifestyle, not a diet that works for you today and lets you down tomorrow. Each change will make an incredible impact on your life. Are you ready?



1.  Drink more water

2.  Practice cooking

3.  Increase whole grains

4.  Increase sweet veggies

5.  Increase leafy green veggies

6.  Experiment with protein

7.  Eat fewer processed foods

8. Make a habit of nurturing your body

9. Have healthy relationships

10. Enjoy regular physical activity

11. Find work you love

12. Develop a spiritual practice



Tammy Lyons

AADP Certified Health Coach




















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