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Informational Lectures

CB Personal Training

Corporate Fitness Training


Group (Small-Large) Lectures

Build Your Own Workout  (Run time: 2 Hrs)

*Can be split into a series of lectures or abbreviated for time constraints

          CB Personal Training’s owner, Charles Bruno, will lead you through his unique process of designing a fitness regiment as well as your own workout. Lecture content consists of the 5 Phases of Developing Your Own Workout.

Phases include

                        Gather Information

                        Set  Efficient Goal

                        Choose Appropriate Workouts

                        Macro-Regiment Approach to Training

                        Micro-Regiment Approach to Training

                        The Practical Application Stage 

This class holds a wealth of knowledge which will empower participants to become their own leader on their fitness journey.

How to Use the Gym We Have (Run time: 30-60mins)

This is a hands on class held at your company's fitness location.  A CB Personal Trainer will educate the group on how to use the gym equipment   provided to them.  As well as all standard safety protocols associated with the top most commonly done exercises. This class is a must for beginning group due to its ability to decrease risk of injury and increase efficiency.


Not Just the Food We Eat: Other Forms of Nurishment

           Could one conversation change your life? It’s rare for anyone            to get an hour to work on their nutrition and life goals with a
           trained professional. Tammy Lyons, Institute of Integrated
           Nutrition Certified Health Coach, will create a supportive

           environment that will enable participants to achieve their     
           health and lifestyle goals.   In an intimate group setting
           Tammy will take a holistic approach to health and wellness,
           by presenting participants with ways to new ways to view
           their relationship, careers, physical activity, and spiritual
           awareness as essential forms of nourishment.