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CB Personal Training

In-Home Fitness

Weekly Training Sessions


50 Minute Private Training (1) Participant

             This personalized workout is unique to each client and administered with

             100% attention. Full concentration allows the Trainer to hone in on

                                  minuscule changes to form, which allows for a higher level of efficiency 


50 Minute Group Training (2-4) Participants

                                  Unlike traditionally run group training, CB PT’s participants each have an

                                  individualized work out created specifically to meet their needs. Followed             

                                  by a 5-10 min group stretch and Q&A with the Trainer. This option allows

                                  participants to foster a team mentality as they work to complete the session.

Monthly Training Consultations


                                                                        1 Hour Private Consultations
                                  This private opportunity allows an individual to have a workout regiment       
                                  designed specifically for them.  The Trainer creates 2-3 workouts with detailed
                                  instructions, to be completed throughout the month.  Each month the Trainer
                                  will reevaluate the workouts, the client's progress and make any necessary
                                  modifications.  Perfect for the client who needs higher level instruction.


1 Hour Group Consultation (1-10) Participants


                                  This is the group version of the Private Consultation however, this option             

allows multiple people to build their fitness knowledge together.  This is a
                                  great option for a family begining their wellness Journey. 
The Trainer will use
                                  the hour to gather all necessary information and answer any questions the  
                                  group may have.  Each participant will be given 2individualized workouts with
                                  detailed instructions, to be done throughout the month.  Each month the
                                  group will meet in order to reevaluate their goals, progress, and work outs.

                                                Weekend Hike to Sourland Mountain Preserve

The Sourland Mountain Preserve is a 4,000 acre park which includes hiking,
                                  mountain biking, bird watching, bouldering, and horseback riding and is

                                   located in Hillsborough, N.J.  Charles will lead the group (1-10 participants)

                                   on a 1-2 hour hike through woods rich with stream corridors, geologic

                                   outcrops, and an ecological habitat of a diversity of plant and animal

                                   species.  Throughout the guided tour the group will have a relaxed Q&A

                                   session with Charles.

                                                                                    Local Canal Walks

                                    The D&R Canal is New Jersey's most popular recreational corridor for
                                    canoeing, jogging, hiking, bicycling, fishing and horseback riding.  CB
                                    Personal Training will lead the group on a 1 hour walk on the canal including
                                    a Q&A as well as a core/stretching routine at the end (optional).  The group
                                    can choose to begin at any of the many entry point locations.